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Wealth Management & Fee-Only
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KB Financial Advisors provides financial planning and wealth management to tech industry professionals with stock options. We are conveniently located in the heart of San Francisco; our office may be just a short walk from yours.

With virtual or in-person meetings, day and night slots, we can accommodate your busy schedule. From taxes to investments, insurance to estate planning, we can help you get organized and build wealth.

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Comprehensive Wealth Management

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If the numbers have gotten really big and making a mistake is very scary, Wealth Management is the service to help you maximize your stock options and grow your wealth.  Our San Francisco Wealth Management service is best suited for someone who wants to offload the work and worry of their financial planning to an experienced financial planner. KB Financial Advisors in San Francisco offer an integrated approach to your financial planning.

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Financial Planning for Young Professionals

You are a young professional in San Francisco with stock options. You’ve got important questions, but you don’t have millions of dollars (Yet!). On Your Way to Wealth is a great way to get answers, organize a financial plan, and receive ongoing support.

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Stock Option Analysis & Stock Option Consulting

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Stock options and taxes are confusing. Should you exercise your stock options? Should you sell? Each decision creates both a great opportunity and a potential mistake that could cost you thousands of dollars in unnecessary taxes. Stock Option Analysis & Stock Option Consulting service is designed to provide guidance and support regarding your stock options and taxes.

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Click on each strategy to see how we will employ them to help you create your financial plan.

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We look forward to helping you on your path to a secure financial plan.

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