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Tech Industry Investment Strategies

Investing is the main way you leverage your work, the income you earn, and the stock options you have been granted into wealth that can last a lifetime. We help all of our Wealth Management and On Your Way to Wealth clients build a solid investment plan.

Working in San Francisco’s tech industry, a great deal of your career potential may be wrapped up in stock options.

You have to be able to connect the pieces. Your income and your options must connect to your saving and investing to build wealth.

We start with a review of your current financial situation. How do all the pieces of your plan (career, income, stock options, insurance) relate to how the money you have right now should be invested? For the first time, you will get a clear understanding of how your money should be invested.

Once we know what the overall picture looks like and how your portfolio should be invested, we then look at the accounts you have currently. Where are they located? What investment options are available in each account? What fees are charged to the accounts? We will identify how your accounts should be organized and suggest changes to your accounts.

We then craft a specific investment plan for each account. The final result is an investment allocation that fits you implemented in your different accounts in a way that provides the greatest benefit.

Your investment plan deals with the money you have right now. We also craft a savings plan to address how much to save and where to save over the next twelve months.

We craft a savings and investment plan for both Wealth Management and On Your Way to Wealth clients. The major difference is that for Wealth Management clients we fill out account paperwork and order trades for our clients. On Your Way to Wealth clients receive support to implement our recommendations through e-mail.




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We look forward to helping you on your path to a secure financial plan.


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