Financial Planning

A resource hub filled with expert advice about how to successfully plan for your financial future and reach your goals.

What is financial planning?

This process involves getting a full view of your finances and strategizing a path toward reaching your goals.

A solid financial plan is based on your assets, income, and expenses, along with your financial opportunities, strengths, threats. This background information paints a clear picture of the optimal path forward for you.

No matter your path, your ultimate financial goal is likely financial freedom. That’s the point at which your job and paycheck become optional rather than necessary because your investment portfolio provides you with reliable income.

Financial planning helps you work toward your financially free dream life — realistically.


Key Focus Areas

Financial planning helps you make the most out of all the opportunities available to you, leaving no stone unturned.

The process takes into account all the pieces of your financial life, including employee benefits, money-saving opportunities, and tax benefits. These components contribute to your long-term savings plan, which is a key part of your overall financial plan.

Below are some key areas we consider when devising your plan.

401k financial planning services in san francisco


This may include your pre-tax employee contributions, your employer match, and possible after-tax contributions in a mega backdoor roth with in-plan roth conversions.

10b5-1 financial planning services san francisco


This predetermined trading plan applies to professionals with equity compensation. A 10b5-1 allows you to work with insider trading laws and regulations to determine the triggers that’ll cause your shares or stock options to be exercised and sold.

529 plan financial planning services san francisco

529 plan

This college savings plan lets your money grow tax free once you use the funds for college expenses.

fee based financial planning services in san francisco

Need help setting up your financial plan?

Our four-step approach to financial planning

We use this process to help our clients reach their financial goals and make the most of their unique situation.

Initial Call

We hold an introductory conversation about your goals, concerns, and opportunities.

Planning meeting

Prior to our next meeting, we get a full picture of your finances by gathering information related to your job, income, expenses, and taxes.

During the meeting, we talk through all that data and give you the opportunity to ask your burning questions.

Presentation meeting

During the third meeting, our team makes personalized recommendations based on your goals and current financial state. These recommendations aim to help you achieve your goals by leveraging your strengths and taking advantage of your financial opportunities.

Annual check-ins

Once you’re past initial meetings, we have annual check-ins that operate as streamlined versions of the above steps.

During these check-ins, we update your financial information, discuss your progress, and plan for the year ahead. It’s not uncommon for us to adjust your financial plan, should there be changes to your goals or circumstances.


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