Have the big plans you made at the beginning of the year come to fruition? When was the last time you did a recheck to assess your progress?

Now is the time!

As you reset your clocks to “fall back” it’s also the perfect time to fall back into a look the goals you set at beginning of the year and figure out where you are.

Which ones did you achieve? Which ones are not quite there yet?

You still have some time before year end/tax season. What do you need to do to catch up?

Here’s a general checklist you can use to get started. Add to it any other specific goals you set to get a picture of where you are and what you need to do.

Ask yourself, “Have I…”

  • Maxed out my 401(k)?
  • Put enough money in my Roth to max it out by April 15?
  • Stayed on track to achieve my ESA contribution by April 15?
  • Reviewed my stock option plan to be prepared for the end of the year?*
  • Over-contributed to my Roth because my salary was higher than anticipated and now need to recharacterize those contributions?
  • Checked my realized and unrealized gain losses to decide if I want to harvest losses to offset gains?
  • Set up an appointment to review my portfolio allocations?

*If you exercised ISOs in 2019, and the stock price has dropped, we should discuss the possibility of selling these shares before year end.

Also, it’s a good time to check all your contribution limits to make sure you’re not over-contributing to your traditional or Roth IRAs.

Remember, you can always fall back on us to help you do an assessment and plan for any adjustments needed.