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Welcome to KB Financial Advisors.

These terms and conditions outline your agreements for the use of KB Financial Advisors’s Website, located at KBAdvisors.com and/or KBFinancialAdvisors.com.

By accessing this website we assume you accept these terms and conditions. Do not continue to use this website if you do not agree to all of the terms and conditions stated here.


To the best of our ability, we have provided accurate, helpful information on our website. That being said, laws, tax rules, and financial advice does change over time. Under no circumstance should the information published on this site be taken as direct, official legal or financial counsel.

We encourage you to use the information published on this website to educate yourself, but to always remember that things change and we cannot guarantee any specific results. At the end of the day, we try our best to help you with our website information and blog posts, but you ultimately make your own financial decisions. We will not be held liable for any losses or damages you incur from information posted here.


This site may contain typos, omissions, or inaccuracies. These could include prices, descriptions, availability, references to laws, and other types of information. We do our best to keep everything accurate, and reserve the right to make corrections at any time, without prior notice. If you spot something you feel needs to be corrected, please reach out to our team for review. However, even if an item is submitted, we are not obligated to make the suggested correction.


We employ the use of cookies on our website to improve the user experience and our relationships with both current and potential clients. By accessing KB Financial Advisors’ website, you agree to use cookies in agreement with our Privacy Policy, listed below. These cookies allow us to see and process user details for each visit. They may enable functionality of certain website areas, and/or improve user experience. Some of our partners may also use cookies.

Content Licensing

Unless otherwise stated, KB Financial Advisors and/or its licensors own the intellectual property rights for all material on our website. You may use the information published here for personal use, but all intellectual property rights are reserved.

By using our website, you agree that you will not:

  • Republish our material without permission
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  • Reproduce, duplicate, or copy our material without permission

If you would like to republish, rent, license, or reproduce our material, please get in touch with a member of our team and obtain the proper permissions before doing so.

Website Comments

It should be noted that comments (especially blog post comments) published on this website do not necessarily reflect the opinions or views of KB Financial Advisors or our partners. KB Financial Advisors will not be held liable for comments, liabilities, or damages caused as a result of comments others post on our website. We also do not bear legal responsibility for those commenting on our website. If you feel a comment should not be published, please get in touch with our team for review.

We  reserve the right to monitor comments and remove any and all comments we see fit. This could be due to the comments being rude, offensive, inappropriate, a breach of our terms and conditions, or any other reason stated or unstated. KB Financial Advisors reserves the right to monitor all Comments and to remove any comments which can be considered inappropriate, offensive or causes breach of these Terms and Conditions. Additionally, we reserve the right to use, reproduce, and edit any of your comments in all forms. We also reserve the right to authorize others to do so.

Website Interruptions & Modifications

We reserve the right to update our website or perform website maintenance at any time, and without giving prior notice. This could result in website downtime, or our website (or certain pages) being offline. We also reserve the right to remove pages, or discontinue parts of the site or the site as a whole at any time, without prior notice. We will not be held liable for any modifications of others’ information or websites required as a result of this.

We cannot guarantee 24/7/365 access to our website. Problems may arise relating to our website that we need to access, and we will work to fix them as quickly as possible. You agree that we have no liability in relation to any inconvenience, loss, or damage resulting from our website being down. We also make no guarantees about website maintenance, functionality, and upkeep. We do our best and care about our business, but by using our website, you agree that it may sometimes be unavailable, without notice.

Governing Law

By using our website, you agree that your access and use of our website is governed by the laws of the United States, and the State of California.

Privacy Policy

It is our commitment to keep any and all data of our customers, clients, and website visitors private and secure. We will never sell or solicit any of your data, and will happily respond to any request to delete any data we have on file. Data is only collected via consent of using this website, and any data voluntarily given to us. (Like your email address when you sign up for our email list.)

Some on-site user behavior data may be collected for our business administration and provision of the services we provide; which may be considered necessary for the legitimate interests of our business. No data will ever be sold, solicited, or shared by us to any outside entity, unless required by law. Data sharing may be different for the companies we work with on this website, such as Google and Facebook.

We are compliant with GDPR and other privacy policy standards. We are also committed to not hold onto your data for any longer than necessary as required by legal obligations, contracts, your consent, or our legitimate interests as a business. At any time, you may request to see the personal data we have on file, and request its deletion, which we will process in compliance with all regulating laws.

Contact us at:
90 New Montgomery St., Suite 1001
San Francisco, CA 94105
Phone: 415-905-5449
Fax: 415-358-9548

Content Liability

We will not be hold responsible for any content appearing on your website. You agree to protect and defend us against all claims that is rising on your website, if such a claim is made. No link(s) should appear on any website that may be interpreted as libelous, obscene, or criminal.

Reservation of Rights

We reserve the right update and change these terms and conditions at any time, for any reason, without advance notice. An updated terms and conditions will be available on our website.

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