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What is investment management?

Once you’ve started executing your financial plan, and after you’ve paid your taxes, it’s time to focus on investing the remaining money.

Enter investment management, the professional management of your financial accounts and investments.

There are many upsides to having a professionally managed portfolio. In fact, Vanguard found that clients could receive up to, or even more than, 3% in net additional returns when working with advisors.

Vanguard even published a research paper on this topic, which lists seven types of benefits clients can reap from working with advisors. These benefit types include asset allocation, cost-effective implementation, rebalancing, behavioral coaching, asset location, spending strategy, and total return versus income investing.*

* “Putting a value on your value: Quantifying Advisor’s Alpha” Vanguard whitepaper August 12, 2022

Our Multi-Pronged Approach to Investment Management

We use this process to help clients make the most of their money.

Open & organize your accounts

We start off by setting up and organizing your investment accounts.

Tie your accounts into your estate plan

If you have a trust, we make sure the accounts that need to be are titled into the trust. We also review beneficiary designations on other accounts to ensure alignment between your investment management and your estate plan.

Manage fund flows

Our busiest clients often have a lot of cash sitting in their accounts uninvested. As part of our investment management services, we manage the fund flows and invest cash as soon as possible, after identifying any taxes owed.
Avoiding tax errors can save you thousands of dollars, so make sure you make tax-informed decisions and avoid penalties.

Avoid mistakes

Mistakes are often more costly than what you’d pay for professional help. At their worst, investment oversights can cost millions of dollars and usually stem from something as simple as selling or not selling at the wrong time.

As advisors who’ve helped countless professionals manage their investments, KB Financial Advisors has seen it all and covers clients’ blindspots to dodge mishaps.

Additional investment management services

Clients whose portfolios are worth $2 million or more receive additional management services for concentrated stock and separately managed accounts.

Concentrated stock:
Individuals who have 50% or more of their portfolio in one company’s stock are in a concentrated position, which involves many unique risks and considerations, including taxes and unpredictable performance. The goal with concentrated stock is to minimize taxes while avoiding catastrophic losses and navigating its unique challenges.

Separately managed accounts (SMAs):
ETFs and mutual funds give investors an all or nothing approach that forces them to either buy the entire fund or not. With an SMA, you can customize the account to your unique goals and make decisions down at the individual stock level.

The way that plays into larger portfolios is that we take a portion of the funds and — instead of investing it into a mutual fund or an ETF — we replicate the mutual fund or ETF with an account that invests in hundreds or thousands of individual stocks, the benefits of which can lower your taxes and increase your after-tax returns.

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