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As financial planners, we focus on San Francisco’s stock options in the tech industry. We can help you make the most out of the stock options that have been granted to you.

We do this every day. We may already work with one of your coworkers and know a lot about the choices you need to make. Creating a strategy for your stock options is involved in all three of our service offerings.

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Wealth Management

We will put together a review of all your stock options before your first meeting. At your first meeting, we will review your options, answer your questions, and review how your stock options relate to your tax plan. You will receive ongoing support in monitoring your stock options as they vest or you exercise. When tax season rolls around, you’ll know what to expect. Filing will be easy because we will take care of the work and worry for you.

On Your Way to Wealth

You may have a significant amount of unvested restricted stock units (RSU) or unexercised incentive stock options (ISO), but the value in those stock options has yet to be realized. You are young and early in your career. Your stock options could be huge for you, but a mistake could be costly.

On Your Way to Wealth makes it easy. We will put together a plan for stock options, answer your questions, and bridge the gap between action taken on your stock options and taxes. You will have unlimited e-mail support for help when new awards are granted or an exercise decision must be made. There will be no worries about taxes. We will plan ahead of time and filing will be easy.

Stock Option Analysis & Consulting

With Stock Option Analysis, stock options and taxes will be our sole focus for you. Stock Option Analysis is best suited for you if you have lots of stock options, lots of moving pieces with big tax consequences, and you need regular updates to your stock option and tax plan.

Our focus is on tech industry employees in San Francisco with stock options. We have built our service offerings around helping you make the most out of your stock options.



Click on each strategy to see how we will employ them to help you create your financial plan.

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We look forward to helping you on your path to a secure financial plan.
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